These are some case studies I have been working on to showcase my skill set within the data field. I have split these up based on data analysis and data science projects. These are a combination of guided and independent projects.

Data Analysis

  • Cyclistic Bike Ride Share Analysis – Using SQL and Excel Charts on a database with over 5 million records to perform
    • data collection
    • data wrangling and cleaning using SQL
    • data analysis and visualization
  • COVID analysis
    • SQL scripts showcasing use of querying, CTE’s, Temp Tables and Views
    • Tableau visualizations and dashboard showing an interactive chart of the world

Data Science

  • Winning Space Race with Data Science
    • Data collection using REST API and web scraping
    • Data wrangling in Python
    • Exploratory Data Analysis using Python and SQL
    • Use of Folium and Plotly Dash in Python
    • Predictive analysis using Machine Learning Algorithms in Python